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Roof cleaning can be an intimidating job. Climbing onto your roof is already dangerous, and having to handle a pressure washer at the same time increases your risk of injury.

Did you know using a High Pressure Washer on your shingles can not only damage your shingles, but it can void the warranty on your roof! That's why Rockland Housewashing uses a "soft wash" low- pressure process to effectively cleanse your roof of moss, mold, mildew, and algae WITHOUT the use of high pressure.

Let a fully insured power washing company take on this risk. Rockland Housewashing in Bardonia, Pearl River, Nyack and New City, NY is ready to handle that task. We can manage any kind of roof cleanup and have extensive experience with shingle roofs. We also offer a full roof cleaning package.

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Why you should trust a professional

Why you should trust a professional

A professional power washing company can help you:


  • Save time—don’t spend your free time on a roof
  • Stay covered—don’t worry about cracking shingles
  • Stay safe—don’t risk injury from slipping and falling











Don’t take unnecessary risks with your roof cleaning. Contact Rockland Housewashing now for reliable service that will save you time and energy.